Tailored nutrition

Immunitary defense

Foods formulated with essential nutrients to promote growth or maintain health .

Hypoallergenic ingredients

Foods formulated for intolerances to traditional meats and some varieties of cereals such as corn and barley .

Grain free

Foods formulated for intolerances, free of traditional cereals . They favor nutrition in case of intolerances.


Food produced exclusively with natural raw materials , without the use of Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs)

Made with love in Italy

Made in Italy

Products formulated and manufactured in our Italian laboratories.

Cruelty Free

Foods formulated, produced and tested according to standards that respect the health and life of animals.

No chemicals

Foods formulated without the addition of chemicals and additives that alter the organoleptic characteristics, taste and yield of the final product.

Human grade

Each raw material is carefully selected for
offer only the best to your four-legged friends.

Products dedicated to weaning


Love for animals is our vocation, their well-being is our goal.
Natar offers you only quality products to make your dog and cat happy, starting with our highly selected super premium holistic food .
Our high quality premium products are born from careful studies to meet the needs of your four-legged friends.