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Natar Puppy Milk

Natar Puppy Milk

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Complete powdered milk for puppies

Natar Puppy Milk is a complete milk powder designed to meet the nutritional needs of nursing puppies. With a balanced formulation of proteins, fats, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals, this product offers optimal support for the healthy growth and development of puppies.

It is suitable both as breast milk substitute during breastfeeding what how supplement for pregnant or lactating bitches and for growing puppies . Natar Puppy Milk is also fed as food alternative tonic in elderly dogs and debilitated or convalescent adult dogs.

Available in packs of 500g and 2kg , with an expiry date clearly indicated on the packaging to guarantee freshness and quality.

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Complete powdered milk for puppies

Natar Puppy Milk is a complete milk powder, specially developed to provide essential nutrition during the critical stages of puppy growth . Ideal as a substitute for breast milk during breastfeeding or as a supplement for pregnant or lactating bitches. This product guarantees a complete nutritional intake for the optimal well-being of puppies.

Natar Puppy Milk's balanced formulation includes high-quality proteins, essential fats, easily digestible carbohydrates and a wide range of vitamins and minerals . That is, all the fundamental substances for the healthy development of muscles, bones and the immune system in puppies. This complete milk powder is also particularly suitable for elderly or debilitated dogs. In fact, it offers them easily digestible and highly nutritious nutrition to support their health and vitality.

Natar Puppy Milk is available in two practical packaging options: 500g and 2kg, to suit the needs of different sizes of litters or dog families . Each package is clearly labeled with the expiry date, thus ensuring the freshness and quality of the product. It is advisable to store Natar Puppy Milk in a cool, dry place and to carefully close the package after each use, to ensure maximum effectiveness and freshness of the product.

In conclusion, Natar Puppy Milk represents a reliable and convenient choice for puppy and dog owners at different stages of life, offering complete and balanced nutrition to promote healthy growth and optimal long-term well-being . With its comprehensive formulation and convenient packaging options, this complete milk powder is a valuable resource for ensuring the health and vitality of puppies during crucial stages of their development.

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