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Wholemeal dog biscuit with apple

Wholemeal dog biscuit with apple

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Wholemeal dog biscuit with apple

Our wholemeal dog biscuit with apple it's a nutritious and tasty option for your four-legged friend. Prepared by hand and baked in the oven , it is an ideal complement to your dog's daily diet, suitable for all sizes, including puppies .

It can be used as a reward during training, with recommended doses of 30-50g per day.

Without preservatives, colors or artificial flavors, it is a natural and safe choice for your dog.

With an expiry date clearly marked on the packaging, you can be sure of its freshness.

Available in practical packs of 400 g or 1.6 kg, it can be easily stored in a cool, dry place.

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Wholemeal dog biscuit with apple

Our wholemeal dog biscuit with apple is an artisanal delicacy, prepared by hand and baked in the oven to guarantee authentic freshness and taste. Weighing 400 grams , this delicious snack is an excellent supplement to your dog's daily diet. Suitable for all sizes, including growing puppies. The apple adds a natural sweetness and irresistible aroma, making this biscuit a tasty and nutritious choice for your faithful four-legged friend.

As well as being a tasty addition to your dog's diet, our wholemeal apple biscuit can be used as a treat during training. The recommended doses vary based on the dog's weight and activity, but generally it is recommended to administer 30 to 50 grams per day , corresponding to approximately 6-10 medium-sized biscuits.

Our formula is free of preservatives, artificial colors and flavours , ensuring a healthy and natural diet for your dog. Each biscuit was produced 18 months before the minimum shelf life indicated on the packaging, ensuring optimal freshness and quality. To maintain the freshness of the product, store the biscuit in a cool, dry place, avoiding exposure to heat and humidity and consume it by the indicated expiry date.

Our wholemeal dog biscuit with apple is available in practical packs of 400 grams (code BS001) or 1.6 kilograms (code BS004), to ensure that you can meet your dog's needs and always have the his favorite delicacy. Choose our wholemeal biscuit to offer your dog not only a moment of taste, but also an opportunity to maintain a balanced diet and optimal well-being.

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