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Diet Obesity Cane - Grain free

Diet Obesity Cane - Grain free

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Purified veterinary diet for dogs – Dry kibble food

Complete dietetic food for adult dogs indicated for:

  • the reduction of excess of weight bodily thanks to the low energetic power;
  • the regulation of metabolism of lipids in case of hyperlipidemia thanks to the low concentration of fats and the high concentration of essential fatty acids (EFA).


Produced 18 months before the minimum shelf life date (store in a cool, dry place).

Product available in packs of:

  • 1.5kg (code BD001)
  • 3kg (code BD002)
  • 10kg (code BD003)
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Complete dietetic food for dogs - Grain free

Complete dietary food for dogs is an important choice to ensure the well-being and health of your faithful four-legged friend. This product, a purified veterinary diet for dogs, comes in the form of dry kibble , offering convenience and essential nutrients in every bite.

Especially suitable for adult dogs , this food has been specially formulated to address different nutritional needs. One of its main functions is to help in the reduction of excess body weight . Thanks to its low energy content, it helps maintain your dog's ideal weight, promoting better overall health and reducing the risk of obesity, a condition that can lead to a series of health problems, including heart, joint and metabolic diseases.

Furthermore, this food is particularly effective in regulating lipid metabolism , especially in cases of hyperlipidemia . Its low concentration of fat and high concentration of essential fatty acids ( EFAs ) work together to keep blood fat levels under control, thus helping to prevent or manage this medical condition.

Expiration and conservation

It is important to note that this complete dietetic food for dogs should preferably be consumed within the expiry date indicated on the packaging , thus ensuring maximum freshness and effectiveness of the nutrients. It is also advisable to store it in a cool, dry place, away from sources of heat and humidity, to preserve its quality.

Packaging and format

Available in different pack sizes, including 1.5kg, 3kg and 10kg , this product adapts to the specific needs of your dog and the size of your household. By choosing this food, you are investing in your pet's long-term health and well-being by providing him with the nutrients he needs to live a happy, healthy and active life.

In conclusion, if you are looking for a complete and balanced diet for your dog, which takes into account its specific nutritional needs, complete dietetic food for dogs is the ideal choice. With its benefits for weight control and lipid metabolism, combined with the convenience of dry kibble, this product is a reliable option to ensure your dog has a balanced and tasty diet.

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