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Diet Urinary Cat

Diet Urinary Cat

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Complete dietary food for CATS.
Thanks to the low concentration of magnesium and its urine acidifying properties, it is indicated for the dissolution of struvite-based stones and for the reduction of recurrences of struvite stones.
It is also indicated for diseases of the lower urinary tract of felines.


Produced 18 months before the minimum shelf life date (store in a cool, dry place).

Product available in packs of:

  • 400 g (code BD022)
  • 1.5 Kg (code BD023)
  • 3 Kg (code BD039)
  • 10 Kg (code BD040)
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Food for cats with urinary problems

Diet Urinary Cat is a dry food for cats with urinary problems . This complete dietary cat food is specially formulated to address feline urinary problems, such as dissolving struvite stones and reducing recurrences.

Our dry cat food is much more than just food; is a dietary solution designed specifically to address urinary problems that can afflict our feline friends. Cats are known for their susceptibility to urinary stones, particularly those made from struvite, which can cause significant discomfort and health problems. Our formula has been carefully designed to address these issues effectively and comprehensively.

Food for cats with urinary problems is our mission and our commitment. With a low concentration of magnesium, one of the key factors in the formation of urinary stones, and the acidifying properties of urine, this food is designed to create a urinary environment less conducive to the formation of crystals and stones. But we don't stop here. As well as aiding in the dissolution of struvite stones, our food is also aimed at preventing recurrences, ensuring your cat's wellbeing is a constant priority.

Feline lower urinary tract diseases can be complex and sometimes elusive, but we are committed to providing a complete solution. Each ingredient has been carefully chosen for its benefits to your cat's urinary and general health. In addition to its specific properties, this food is also a complete and balanced diet, ensuring that your cat receives all the nutrients it needs for optimal health.

Packaging and formats

We understand the importance of offering different size options to meet individual needs. Our 400g, 1.5kg, 3kg and 10kg packs ensure you can find the size that best suits your lifestyle and your cat's needs. As with any food, it is important to respect the expiry date indications to ensure optimal freshness and effectiveness of the product.

In conclusion, if your cat is facing urinary problems or you want to prevent them, our specialized cat food is the ideal choice. With its advanced formulation, convenient package size, and commitment to the health and well-being of your felines, it's no wonder our product is a favorite choice of veterinarians and thoughtful owners. Invest in your cat's health today with our food for cats with urinary problems.

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