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Holistic Nutrition Adult Dog - White meat - Grain Free

Holistic Nutrition Adult Dog - White meat - Grain Free

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Grain-free dog croquettes with white meat

Grain Free + Hypoallergenic + Ideal Weight.

Complete and balanced food super premium quality , particularly suitable for the growth and maintenance of dogs that cannot tolerate traditional cereals.
The buckwheat contained therein is a grass rich in vegetable protein white meat turkey and duck they offer protein richness that is easy to digest and assimilate compared to red meats which require more complex enzymatic processes. The contribution of FOS and MOS, of polyphenols and oils rich in omega-3, of plant extracts that strengthen the immune defenses, protect the intestinal mucosa from stress, complete the bioavailability of this precious food. All Natar products are Human Grade .

Produced 18 months before the best before date (store in a cool, dry place).

Product available in packs of:
  • 1.5 Kg (code HN013)
  • 3 Kg (code HN014)
  • 10 Kg (code HN015)
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Grain-free dog croquettes with white meat

Natar's white meat grain-free dog kibble represents the pinnacle of canine nutrition, offering a complete and balanced diet that meets the specific needs of dogs sensitive to traditional grains. These kibbles are an excellent choice for dogs who require a grain free and hypoallergenic diet, ensuring optimal support for their overall health and wellbeing.

Grain Free and Hypoallergenic

Natar kibbles are formulated without cereals, making them also suitable for dogs with food sensitivities or intolerances. Turkey and duck white meat, the main protein sources, offer a highly digestible alternative to red meat, reducing the risk of allergic reactions or digestive disorders.

Healthy weight and optimal nutrition

These kibbles are designed to support the maintenance of a healthy body weight and optimal fitness. With a balanced combination of proteins, carbohydrates and fats, they provide the energy needed to support your dog's daily activity without overloading his system.

High Quality Protein Sources

The white turkey and duck meats found in Natar croquettes provide a source of high-quality protein. Protein essential for your dog's muscle health, growth and maintenance. These proteins are easily digestible and assimilable, ensuring optimal nutrition without overloading the digestive system.

Immune Support and Gut Health

The kibble is enriched with FOS and MOS, prebiotics that promote the growth of beneficial intestinal bacteria, improving digestive health and strengthening the immune system. The polyphenols and omega-3 oils present in the formulation further support the immune defenses and protect the intestinal mucosa from stress and inflammation.

Conservation and Safety

All Natar products are human food grade and are produced following rigorous safety and quality standards. The croquettes are packaged to ensure maximum freshness. They are available in different sizes, from 1.5 kg to 10 kg, to meet the needs of each dog and its owner.

In conclusion, Natar white meat grain-free dog kibble offers a complete, high-quality nutritional solution for dogs that require a grain-free and hypoallergenic diet. With first choice ingredients and a formulation designed to promote the health and well-being of the dog, these kibbles are the ideal choice to guarantee your faithful friend a happy and healthy life.

For your cat there is Holistic Nutrition Adult Cat – White Meat – Grain Free.

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