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Holistic Nutrition Kitten - Chicken and Turkey

Holistic Nutrition Kitten - Chicken and Turkey

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Human grade kibble for cats

Very high digestibility + Renal protection + Immune defenses + Healthy weight + Hypoallergenic.


Complete and balanced food super-premium quality , essential for cats from three months onwards. Rich in the best highly digestible chicken and turkey meat and essential fatty acids, it optimally maintains the cat's good state of health, giving its coat shine and splendor. The accurate control of the magnesium and calcium content and the presence of an adequate quantity of methionine (acidifier) ​​and "essential fatty acids" with anti-inflammatory effect on the bladder mucosa reduce the risk of bacterial infections of the urinary tract as well as the formation of calculations.

All Natar products are Human Grade.

Produced 18 months before the best before date (store in a cool, dry place).

Product available in packs of:

  • 400 g (code HN057)
  • 1.5 Kg (code HN058)
  • 3 Kg (code HN059)
  • 10 Kg (code HN060)
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Human Grade kibble for cats - Chicken and turkey flavour

Human grade cat kibble with chicken and turkey flavor is the pinnacle of excellence in feline nutrition. Designed to provide a safe and nutritious dining experience. These kibbles guarantee a higher level of digestibility and a series of benefits aimed at the health of your feline.

The selection of the best chicken and turkey meat guarantees a source of highly digestible proteins , essential for the well-being and muscular development of your cat. The essential fatty acids in these kibbles not only help maintain healthy skin and a shiny coat , but also promote a healthy inflammatory response in the urinary tract, reducing the risk of infections and stone formation .

The attention to composition is also evident in the control of magnesium and calcium levels, key elements for your kitten 's kidney health . Adding an adequate amount of methionine, an acidifying amino acid, further helps maintain an optimal urinary environment, further reducing the risk of urinary tract problems.

But that's not all: these foods are not only designed for your cat's health, but also for your peace of mind. All Natar products are Human Grade certified , guaranteeing the highest quality of ingredients and production processes. You can be sure that you are offering your cat not only a delicious meal, but also a safe and nutritious one.

Available in various packs, from 400g to 10kg, these kibbles are suitable for cats of all ages, from three months onwards . Remember to store them in a cool, dry place and preferably consume them within the expiry date indicated on the package, to guarantee maximum freshness and quality.

Choose human grade chicken and turkey flavored kibble for cats: a nutritious, safe and delicious option for your feline friend.

Is your cat an adult? For him there is Holistic Nutrition Adult Cat – Chicken and Turkey.

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